My daughter has started Tuition with her tutor in GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Her tutor is very competent and knows her subjects very well. My daughter is very happy with her style of teaching and is growing in confidence with every lesson that she has with her. We as parents are very glad that we have found a tutor like her!


There is no words can describe this star teacher. She has heled my daughter throughout her course with all of her exams in different subjects: English, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. More than excellent understanding, effort and great work has been put in. Thank you is not enough for this brilliant teacher who has managed to upgrade my daughters work in a very short period of time.


An excellent tutor that anyone will wish to have, she is so talented in all the subjects she teaches. She knows the student’s weaknesses and will go over things in detail for them to understand.


A lovely, amiable person whom both of my children feel comfortable with. Very engaging from the moment, she begins. Within a very short period of time she has devised great structured lessons and shows evidence of in-depth knowledge. A very passionate, organised, approachable, professional and extremely talented young lady. Wish I found you before!!! Definitely a recommended tutor!!!


With my final attempt at sitting the old specification for my A levels, I needed to pass and get into university before having to change the whole course. I’m so glad I met my tutor, she has been an incredible help, not only did I excel my target grades but I got into my first-choice university too!! Thank You!!


Great tutor knows her stuff, organised and ready to work. Recommended A++


Very clear explanations, makes the content very easy to understand. Good and friendly tutor. Would definitely recommend. Makes lessons engaging and helps understanding.


Very good tutor, reliable and professional.


A very effective tutor who has been helping me with maths. Her lessons are really helpful and I really enjoying them. She also has increase my confidence in my subjects.


My tutor has been really helpful with both biology and chemistry and has not only helped with my understand but has been an excellent help with revision techniques and organisation.


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