Established in 2011, Simple Learning specialises in primary education, focusing on KS1, KS2, SATS exams, and 11+ grammar school entrance exams. Our expertise extends to preparing your child for prestigious independent school exams, including renowned institutions like KES, KEHS, Solihull School, and more. Over the years, we have guided numerous students into grammar and private independent schools, solidifying our reputation as primary specialists.

Our tuition centre, Simple Learning, has earned a reputable standing for nurturing academic success, personal growth, and real-world accomplishments among young individuals. With a warm and inclusive environment, we create an engaging and rewarding learning journey. Students from diverse backgrounds and academic levels are welcomed wholeheartedly, as we are dedicated to helping them pursue their ambitions.

Our philosophy at Simple Learning is grounded in the belief that comprehensive and well-balanced curricula lead to the highest academic achievements. To uphold this, we’ve assembled a team of qualified teachers and experienced tutors. Armed with their expertise and extensive teaching backgrounds, our educators provide personalised guidance tailored to each student’s unique learning requirements.

Two primary modes of instruction are offered at Simple Learning: one-to-one tuition and small group sessions. Our small group sessions, designed for a maximum of eight children, promote interaction and foster confidence in their academic pursuits.

Through the dedication of our team and their unwavering commitment, students at Simple Learning not only excel academically but also develop confidence as individuals. Many of our students have successfully entered competitive higher education fields, a testament to our tuition center’s efficacy in preparing them for future accomplishments.

As a renowned tuition centre, Simple Learning prioritises the holistic development of students. With a team of qualified educators and experienced tutors, we create an environment conducive to learning, equipping students with the essential tools for academic brilliance and personal advancement.

For further information and for any queries you may have please contact us.

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